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ISBN 9781911369097

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The Coiner’s Wife

A play in five acts by

Maurice Claypole

From a remote weaver’s cottage in the bleak Yorkshire moors, a gang of counterfeiters (the ‘Cragg Vale Coiners’) launch a nefarious scheme that threatens to unsettle the currency of 18th century England.

Bound in marriage to their leader, known locally as ‘King’ David, Grace Hartley is torn between the forces of love, duty and conscience, whilst at the same time struggling with motherhood and the need to keep hunger at bay.

After the counterfeiters’ initial success, opposing forces gather, led by William Dighton, Supervisor of Excises, who sets in motion a series of events that have momentous consequences.

This play is based on a true story that has gripped the inhabitants of the Upper Calder Valley for centuries, but has so far received little prominence elsewhere.

The Calder Valley is known to many as the setting for the hit television series Happy Valley.

A female perspective

This drama uniquely presents the historic and tumultuous events of this episode in history from a woman’s point of view. Very little is known about the real Grace Hartley or the other women in this story. In the male-dominated world of the eighteenth century, documentation focuses almost exclusively on the role played by men. This play helps to redress this imbalance.

Casting: 10M / 6F, doubling possible.

A gripping story of love, betrayal and survival.

Based on true events.

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Page: EJALTEFL 13-1


Vol 13 No 1

Translanguaging in English Language Teaching
and Learning

The European Journal of Applied Linguistics and TEFL

Volume 13, Number 1

Edited by Andrzej Cirocki and Maya Khemlani David

ISBN 9781916511002
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Poetry from a kaleidoscopic mind

Wayne Martyn

This debut collection of poems finds Wayne Martyn fully exposed, candidly sharing life experiences and divulging his innermost thoughts.

The spoken word artist ponders on adolescence, being bipolar in a world that encourages polarisation, popular culture, the vortex of social media, staring down the Grim Reaper, substance abuse  and self-harm.

The author also gets to grips with counter intuitive work environments, societal division, spiritual awakenings, the potential for apocalypse and the trappings of looking for belonging in an often scary and dark modern world.


A Parting Shot

And other twisted tales

Maurice Claypole


ISBN 9781911369554

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The Taste of Rain

A miscellany of modern fiction

Various authors

ISBN 9781911369578
This collection of modern fiction spans many decades and celebrates a diversity of authors, nationalities and locations.

The stories are inhabited by characters who are at times naturalistic and at others an embodiment of the imaginary world they inhabit. From the mystical elements of the title story to the mythical dancers in Ghostly Laughter and the quirky characters of Dotty and Blacky, these stories draw the reader into a world of shifting realities, questioning relationships and morally diverse individuals inhabiting a whole range of worlds from the mundane to the fantastic. Above all, these stories offer variety, pathos and contemplation, combined with an


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No Means No

The Power of Woman
in 102 Tercets

Abiola Eden

This collection of short poems is at the same time an affirmation, a protest and a celebration.

Each tercet represents a surge of emotion encapsulated in a minimalist form.

Inspired by the challenges of everyday life reflected in haiku-like imagery, the result is a unique collection of short verse in which nature, humanity and the environ-ment coalesce in liberation and empowerment.

These three-line verses extol both the power and the joy of being a woman.

‘Complex imagery embraced in a simple form
serves as a haven for deeper meaning’

‘A celebration of triumph over gender slavery’

ISBN 9781911369745
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